A new batch of deals has hit the PSN Store, with discounts on PS5 and PS4 games

It won’t take long for the Easter Deals on the PlayStation Store come to an end, but luckily, Sony has released a new batch of discounts in this digital store. The Golden week brings great promotions in games of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, but contrary to what its name says, it will be available for more than seven days. Specifically, you will have until May 12 to take advantage of these discounts.


– Rainbow Six: Siege – Deluxe Edition – $9.99 USD

– Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 – $19.99 USD

– Override 2: Super Mech League – Ultraman Deluxe Edition – $25.99 USD

– Balan Wonderworld – $40.19 USD


– NieR Automata: Game of the Yorha Edition – $19.99 USD

– Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – $4.99 USD

– Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory – $40.19 USD

– Othercide – $15.99 USD

– Hypnospace Outlaw – $13.99 USD

– Mortal Shell – $ 19.49 USD (with free upgrade for PS5)

– Trials of Mana – $24.99 USD

– The Wonderful 101 Remastered – $27.19 USD

– Persona 5 Royal – $29.99 USD

– Ashen – $15.99 USD

Of course, those are not all the games available. The list is too long to share here, but you can take a look through the following link. Remember that you have until May 12 to take advantage of these promotions.

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