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Editor’s note:Retirement does not fade, and makes contributions to a new era. Retired soldiers are the precious wealth of the party and the country. They carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style of the people’s army, and continue to work brilliantly and live a wonderful life in different stages and positions of their lives. On the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Red Net Moment News specially launched the special plan of “New Biography of Veterans in the New Era” to record the moving stories of retired soldiers actively building a new socialist modern Hunan.

Red Net Moment News reporter Wang Yang Shaoyang reported

“Everyone knows it’s dangerous, but wearing this uniform, if I can’t get on, who will?” 5 years in the army, 11 years from the police, from olive green to navy blue, countless critical moments of life and death, Shaoyang County Public Security Bureau Anti-narcotics Brigade Instructor, Liu Jian, the third-level police chief, asked himself this.

Walking into the anti-drug brigade of Shaoyang County Public Security Bureau, a vigorous police officer greeted him. He was Liu Jian. When we first met, it was hard to believe that he was so approachable as a “fighting hero” who fought to the death of drug dealers, until I saw the heavy honors in his office.

Liu Jian at work (first from right)

Since 2013, Liu Jian has been awarded 6 times by the Shaoyang Public Security Bureau, 3 times for personal third-class merit, 2 times for personal second-class merit, and 1 time for personal first-class merit by the Ministry of Public Security. In 2021, he will be awarded the “Most Beautiful Grassroots Policeman” in Hunan Province, and in 2022 he will be awarded the “National Super Excellent Policeman”, “The Most Beautiful Retired Soldier” in Hunan Province, and “Advanced Individual in Safe Hunan Construction”.

During the nine years, Liu Jian arrested more than 600 drug-trafficking suspects and seized more than 1,500 drug addicts; among them, the court sentenced 32 to death and 68 to suspended death. Destroyed 27 drug-trafficking gangs, cut off 18 drug-trafficking channels from other provinces, seized more than 700 kilograms of various drugs, and seized more than 10 million yuan in drug funds…

At the critical moment, I rushed to the mudslide and walked my way

Liu Jian was born in Longhui County, Shaoyang City. In 2004, at the age of 19, he honorably enlisted in the army and served in the Liangshan Prefecture Detachment of the Sichuan Armed Police Corps, where he served as squad leader, clerk and ordnance officer.

Liu Jian (middle) in service.

“My fastest 1,000-meter run is just over 2 points, and I like grappling and fighting the most. At that time, I was the first place in the company in various military quality assessments, and I was awarded as an outstanding soldier for three years.” During his youth in the army, Liu Jian vividly.

The days in the army are always colorful, and Liu Jian also felt the responsibility of a soldier.

One day in March 2009, a mudslide occurred in Puge County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Liu Jian, the squad leader at the time, received an order: An old man was buried in a village and needed emergency rescue. That night, Liu Jian, with 10 soldiers, risked being swept away by a mudslide, and rescued the old man little by little with his hands and tools. Seeing the raging debris flow, at the critical moment, Liu Jian lifted the old man on his back and moved to a safe area with one deep foot and one shallow foot.

“Squad leader, let me carry it.” The unknown terrain was dangerous, and several comrades were worried about Liu Jian’s safety, but Liu Jian resolutely refused. Afterwards, he said: “As a soldier, I should leave the danger to myself and the safety to others.”

From the military camp to the police camp, the loyalty to the party is in the same line, and the mission of caring for the masses remains as always. In 2011, Liu Jian, who was discharged from the army, chose the people’s police among many occupations. His rich military knowledge and excellent physical fitness made Liu Jian even more powerful. Two years later, Liu Jian joined the anti-drug police force with his superb professional skills.

At a critical juncture, stand up to the muzzle of the gun and move forward

Anti-drug police are one of the most dangerous types of police, and can be described as “people walking on the tip of a knife”. For Liu Jian, every action has unpredictable dangers.

May 10, 2019, is a day that Liu Jian will never forget. That day, Liu Jian and investigators were preparing to ambush the suspect in a drug case. Unexpectedly, the suspect drove on the highway to bypass the checkpoint set up by the public security organ, trying to escape the encirclement deployed by the task force. Liu Jian and the investigators quickly jumped out of the surrounding grass to surround their vehicle. The suspect fought hard and took out a Russian-imported pistol from the car and aimed it at the surrounding police.

When life and death were at stake, Liu Jian, who was at the forefront, relied on the fighting skills he had learned in the army, flexibly stepped forward and turned to the side, grabbed the suspect’s right hand holding the gun with one hand and pressed it down, and quickly shot the gun to the ground. Along with the gun fell, there was a sudden gunshot. Fortunately, the bullet hit the flower bed. Liu Jian and the police seized a standard pistol, an air gun and several bullets imported from Russia on the spot.

The military glory will last forever, and the police badge will shine. This case is just a microcosm of Liu Jian’s daily work. He can’t remember how many times he has encountered outlaws armed with guns and knives, breaking cards and breaking through customs, how many times he has been threatened with the life of drug dealers, and how many times he has faced the intricate network of drug dealers. Stress, and I can’t count how many times I’ve been injured on duty.

Whenever talking about these terrifying and dangerous moments, Liu Jian always has a relaxed tone, “Over the years, drug dealers have sent luxury cars, and drug dealers have spent millions to kill me, so that later drug dealers paid 50,000 yuan. I kind of wanted to laugh about getting rid of me,” he teased.

Usually do not wait and see and take the initiative to act

“The anti-drug brigade is a whole, and one person is not as good as a team. I am both an anti-drug policeman and the leader of the brigade. I must lead by example, lead the team to grasp the work, and build the entire team into a strong fighting collective.” Liu Jian once said in himself wrote in his diary.


Liu Jian at work (first from left).

From February 2017 to now, Liu Jian was promoted from the deputy captain of the anti-drug brigade of Shaoyang County Public Security Bureau to the instructor. As he moved to a leadership position, he continued to give full play to the fine style of the military, created five working mechanisms including “big investigation, cracking down on drug trafficking in small packages, information research and judgment, collaborative case solving, and case analysis”, and led the brigade to successively win the “Three Years of Anti-drug Action in the Province”. Honors such as “Advanced Collective” and “National Advanced Collective for Anti-drug Work”.

Zhao Zhihong, member of the Party Committee of the Shaoyang County Public Security Bureau and director of the Political Work Office, told reporters: “Liu Jian’s physical fitness is very good, and he has won championships in sports such as running and shooting. On weekdays, his execution ability and sense of obedience are exceptionally strong. His outstanding performance has affected many people in the bureau.”

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