A new crisis for Muhammad Ramadan after his statement: “You will not create a Lebanese woman who will sing with me.”

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Posted on: Tuesday, August 31, 2021 – 2:24 AM | Last update: Tuesday, August 31, 2021 – 2:27 am

A new crisis was raised by the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, this time in Lebanon, when he declared that the Lebanese artist who could participate in a duet with him had not yet been born.

Some Lebanese stars criticized this statement, as the Lebanese actor Bassem Mughniyeh wrote on his Facebook page, “I did not create the Lebanese artist who will sing with me, so stated the actor Mohamed Ramadan, who I find talented in acting with some notes on his actions, speaking confidently as if the legend Abdel Halim Hafez. Although Abdel Halim, the dream of generations, he never said it.

Mughniyeh continued: “Well done, O Muhammad, Ramadan, you make us write about you, but take into account that your behavior overpowers your talent… Talent alone is not enough, humility… Note: Greetings to my second country, the Arab Republic of Egypt, I love you.”

The stars of Lebanon interacted on this post, the first of whom was the musician Osama Rahbani, who said: “Who was he originally and who were asked about him? Why are the Egyptians satisfied with him and his childish behavior? And then the right to the announcer and the station that opened the field.”

While the Syrian star Shukran Murtaji asked, “Is it right and we are wrong? Something strange,” to Mughniyeh’s response, saying, “At your age, you don’t think like this, and only the right thing is true.”

Nidal Hani, the artist’s business manager, Samira Saeeda, criticized Ramadan’s statement, and wrote on his personal account on Facebook: “There is an Egyptian artist who did an interview in Lebanon with a failed anchor. …maybe 15 years too, and he laughed.”

Hani continued: “Ok, the first thing you need to see is who the Lebanese artist is, who can be content to do a duet with you… especially since Beirut is the capital of art, and thank God we have the most important, most famous and most successful stars in the Arab world. This is the failed announcer who just brought him to drum and deify him… How can you pass like this? A statement and silence.. I did not laugh too.. Ok, how can our press pass by such a statement?

While People magazine in Arabic published a clip of Ramadan’s dialogue, in which he made this statement on Twitter, and wrote a comment, “This is an understatement of all our stars who have become 20 years old, first-class stars, and one of them is two years old. sing with me.”

It is noteworthy that the crisis began after Muhammad Ramadan was a guest on the Lebanese Al-Jadeed channel, during his visit to Lebanon in the past few days, and the announcer asked him a question about the Lebanese artist who could sing with her. appear after 15 years.

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