A new documentary series from Véronique Cloutier on celebrity!

If you are looking for something to eat in the next few days, you will not be disappointed …

Eh yes, Véronique Cloutier unveiled with great fanfare her brand new TV project this morning via her social networks: the beautiful host will look at the relationship to celebrity when you are a public personality in a new documentary series which will be released on December 3, on Vero.tv!

«New series on VERO.TV from Thursday, December 3: a documentary in 5 episodes on the relationship to fame when you are a public figure. 15 meetings with generous, real and touching guests ❤️», Reveals the sympathetic host on Instagram.

In this 5 part series directed by Marisol Aubé, we will learn, among other things, what happened to the personalities Véronique Bannon, Michèle-Barbara Pelletier, Sébastien Tougas, Michel Goyette and Manuel Hurtubise, which have been successful in recent years.

Here is the synopsis of the series which totally fascinates Véronique Cloutier:

«The stars attract crowds and make people dream! But after having achieved fame, is the transition from light to shadow, from stardom to near anonymity, necessarily painful? Is this a necessary step, the price to pay for all public figures? Véronique Cloutier reflects on the question in the company of artists who have chosen to stay, others who have left the front stage or who are still seeking a balance in this roller coaster.»

It promises!

Speaking of documentaries … One year after the documentary was broadcast Facing the monsters, Ingrid Falaise now shows us the long road to reconstruction that victims of domestic violence must take when they decide to leave an “M” (referring to the term used by Ingrid Falaise in The monster) in his documentary Facing the monsters: reconstruction. Having herself gone through the stages of healing, propelled by the movement of speaking out, she goes to meet victims who are currently involved in this process.

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