A new drug could allow us to live to be 200 years old

It is not yet the secret of eternal life, but almost. With life expectancy now over 80 in many rich countries, will we soon be able to live to be 200? Yes, says British biologist Andrew Steele. He assures that it will one day be possible to largely beat the record of the French Jeanne Calment, who died at 102, thanks to a drug that would be able to remove “zombie cells”, the main source of degradation in our body. Pills against these cells are already in clinical trials and the drug could be available within 10 years, according to Andrew Steeke.

Eternal reptiles?

However, this treatment would allow us to live “only” to 150 years. To extend our life expectancy by fifty years, scientists are pinning a lot of hope on studying the DNA of reptiles and other cold-blooded animals. Some of these animals, such as Galapagos tortoises, are capable of living for over 120 years. Something to arouse the interest of scientists in search of eternal life.

The future is coming soon

“I don’t see any biological reason why we couldn’t live to be 200 years old. The challenge is to develop the biomedical science that will allow us to live that long,” Andrew Steele told the Daily Mail. “We may be unlucky and nothing will work out, but if so, each development gives us more time to achieve the next, and the first centenarian could be someone who read this,” he continues.

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