a new expertise carried out on Curtis on Saturday, “my dog ​​is not mean to men”

On November 16, 2019, Elisa Pilarski, 29, was killed as she went for a walk with her dog, Curtis, and a hound was going on nearby. According to the first autopsy, the bites of “one or more dogs” had led to the death of the young woman. But which dogs did his bites come from? Analyzes should identify the dog or dogs that killed her. The results are expected in the coming days, write our colleagues from L’Union.

In a message posted on Facebook, Curtis’ rights committee says the animal “has passed the tests requested of it”. And to add: “It was not a question of a behavioral evaluation, but of a series of exercises which will help the expert veterinarian to supplement the legal expertise”.

Despite the 10 months of imprisonment, Curtis “is doing well”: “He shows no behavioral problems and he has gained weight”.

On this same page Christophe Ellul, Elisa Pilarski’s former companion welcomes these new exams: “It’s a success because my dog ​​is not mean to humans and their fellows,” he assures. a new time.

This message comes just ten days after the revelations, in the JDD, of the first conclusions of a behaviorist, who estimated – last November, two days after the tragedy – that Curtis could be at the origin of the death of the young woman, indicate our colleagues from L’Union.

It is based in particular on an observation carried out on November 18, 2019, while Christophe Ellul is in the premises of the gendarmerie and his sister keeps the dog in the yard. The animal does not have its muzzle – kept by investigators as part of the file – and is held with a retractable leash. The behaviorist observes the scene in the distance, as the day fades. The result is known: Curtis grabs the young woman by the coat and, later, bites his master on the arm. When the latter had put it back in the box and detached it, the dog would have liked to grab the carabiner of the leash, which went back quickly into the box.

The educator does not want to go back over the content of the report: “I said what I had to say to the courts and I will not speak of it. In this story, public opinion is based on the love of dogs and hatred of the hunt. The war that is being waged on the internet is not in the interest of the dog, nor of the family, nor of society. “


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