A new feature from WhatsApp to transfer chats from Android to iOS

The social networking application for instant messaging “WhatsApp” is testing a new feature that allows users to transfer their chat history from an “Android” device to “Apple” devices running the “iOS” system, according to reports.

It is worth noting that users of the new “iPhone” devices do not currently have any way to transfer their conversations stored on the “WhatsApp” application from the “Android” phone, however, this concept has changed last year, as the application brought the ability to transfer chats to “iPhone” devices. From some “Samsung” and “Google Pixel” smartphones.

Now, the company appears to be working on expanding this feature to more Android phones.

The reports indicated that the beta version of the “WhatsApp” application on the “iOS” system, which has the version number “22.2.74”, contains the ability to transfer chats from the “Android” phone to the “iPhone”.

The reports also showed a screenshot where the app asks users for permission to transfer chat history.

The reports only found references to the feature, which means beta testers haven’t had access to the experiment yet.

This news indicates that there is some time for the feature to reach end users.

The WhatsApp application, owned by Meta, had launched a beta version in September last year, which suggested that users would soon have the option to transfer their conversations to iOS from an old Android device.

The feature may require users to connect their “Android” phones to the new “iPhone” using a “Lightning” to USB Type-C cable to transfer their chat history.

The migration process also requires users to have the “Apple Move” app on their Android phones.

And Samsung smartphones got the feature of transferring their WhatsApp conversations to the new iPhone again in August of last year.

Google Pixel devices got the same feature later in October.

The feature is primarily available on Android 12 devices, but it remains unclear which devices will support the new feature, as well as when it will start rolling out.

According to reports, it was recently reported that “WhatsApp” is working on a feature that allows users to contact the technical support service directly through the application.

The feature is now also available for beta testers on both “Android” and “iOS” systems, which indicates the possibility of rolling it out to more users in the near future.

Reports indicated that there is another function that users cannot wait to take full advantage of, which is “multi-device support”, a feature that rival “Telegram” has owned for years, and the reports criticized the inability of “WhatsApp” to implement it in the same way.

Currently, users can take advantage of multi-device support as a public beta feature on WhatsApp for desktop, web and portal.

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