A new friend for Emily

The family of Emily Sauermilch from Bottmersdorf is very happy. Barleber students donated for an assistance dog.

Barleben l “Emily is a happy girl who always laughs and is optimistic. Due to a rare genetic defect, however, her mobility is severely restricted, ”explains Stephanie Brehm. The chairman of the “Tierisch geborgen” association from Magdeburg reports that Emily also suffers from brain damage that has led to muscle malfunction. “That makes the girl’s life even more difficult,” says Brehm.

Momo should provide support in everyday life

Therefore, the Bottmersdorferin should get a dog. But the four-legged friend will not be a normal family dog, but a so-called assistance dog that is supposed to help Emily in her everyday life. Now the nine-year-old was about to fulfill her dream of having her own animal friend, who should make her life so much easier. “But a month ago a serious cancer diagnosis in the young dog broke this dream,” reports Stephanie Brehm. “Recovered from the shock, we look ahead together with Emily.”

A new, suitable dog had been searched for for weeks. Now the head of the club and her colleagues have found what they are looking for: “Fürst Momo vom Windberg” is the name of the Hovawart male who is just five weeks old. Emily and Momo have already met. It was love at first sight.

Now the little Hovawart has to go through his training to become an assistance dog. It should start in Magdeburg on December 6th. The employees of the Taz dog school in the Elbe city will have a lot to do for a good year and a half. Because Momo is trained solely for Emily and learns tasks that are intended to directly reduce the girl’s disabilities.

Adhere to high standards

But that’s not enough. The four-legged friend must also adhere to high standards in public. For example, he is not allowed to sniff and ignore other people and dogs. When Momo has finished his training in about 18 months, he will accompany Emily around the clock every day. The girl is dependent on the help of her assistance dog, for example if she has to go to the doctor and want to go shopping.

But there is a catch: “The training of the dog costs around 20,000 euros,” explains Stephanie Brehm. But the Bottmersdorf family cannot afford that much money. And this is where the “Tierisch geborgen” association comes into play. Through donations, the fellow campaigners secure, among other things, the financing of the training of assistance dogs like Momo is supposed to be. 1100 euros have already been raised for the project “A dog for Emily”. But a large part is still missing.

Some time ago, Chiara Brömse also became aware of the Magdeburg association through her family from Haldensleben. “I found the association’s projects so good that I thought they had to be supported,” says the eighth grader.

A campaign every year

Every year, the students of the Ecole-Gymnasium Barleben support a campaign with donations. “Since we were looking for a new project this year, I suggested supporting the ‘Tierisch geborgen’ association,” reports Haldensleberin. As a member of the student council, she immediately proposed her idea to her colleagues on the committee. Apparently it was so well received that the project was actually implemented.

“All students were asked to donate one euro each month. Actually, 1100 euros should have come together, but it turned out to be 1250 euros, ”reports the 17-year-old student representative Johann Strauss, not without pride.

Friday was the big day: the two student representatives invited the club’s chairwoman Stephanie Brehm to present her with the donation check. “I am pleased that we can symbolically hand over 1250 euros today and that we have come a little closer to Emily’s dream of having an assistance dog by her side,” says Chiara Brömse and thanked her classmates for their commitment. And she thanked the class representatives at her school that her idea caught on immediately.

Students call for further donations

The project manager for the fundraising campaign at Ecole-Gymnasium, Kirstin Wolter, is also enthusiastic about the commitment of her students. “But I am also very proud that the girls and boys have made such a strong contribution to this issue,” says the teacher.

Little Momo will move into Emily’s home in Bottmersdorf in three to four weeks and will be picked up almost every day for training. But the “apprenticeship” of the young Hovawart male, even if it begins at the beginning of December, is far from being dry. The Ecole students in Barleben know that too. The high school students ask for donations so that Emily’s life with her assistance dog at her side will improve in quality in the future.

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