A new generation of magnets

According to a study published yesterday in the journal Science, with the design of a new generation of magnets. In our everyday life, magnets are used everywhere: from magnets on your fridge to cell phones, motors, medical devices, computers, your radio speakers, to microphones. that we are currently using. In short, everything electronic. This represents an annual budget of almost $ 30 billion. But traditional magnets have a few flaws: they are often created at high temperatures, so it consumes a lot of energy. They are often heavy materials, very dense in metals – sometimes they are polluting – and sometimes they are rare and expensive metals. A French team has developed a new magnet from molecules with magnetic properties that are much more efficient than its predecessors.

Interview with Rodolphe Clérac, CNRS research director at the Paul Pascal center in Pessac and main author of this study.


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Bennu’s samples are secure

Yesterday, NASA announced that samples from the asteroid Bennu from the Osiris-Rex probe are well secured. We had some fears when last Friday, we noticed that the probe had collected too many rocks, that the collection box was not closing and that dust was escaping! For the past two days, NASA has held its breath: Osiris-Rex’s robotic arm has slowly transferred its loot into a capsule in the center of the probe. An airtight capsule that is well closed. According to the images, there are 400 grams of Bennu’s dust. This will be the first time that such an amount of asteroid material has been brought back to Earth. The return trip is scheduled for next March for a landing in September 2023.

In short

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