A new Intel Mac Pro passes a head in the Xcode 13 beta

Apple may not be done with Intel processors. Although the manufacturer is in the midst of a transition to its own chips, it would prepare an update to the Mac Pro with silicon from Santa Clara; at least that’s what the discovery of Brendan Shanks which plunged into the code sludge of the first beta of Xcode 13.

The software includes a reference to the Xeon processors of the Ice Lake family, specifically to Ice Lake SP, third generation of the platform. The current Mac Pro carries Xeon W chips. All of this resonates with the rumor of Bloomberg at the start of the year, which predicted indeed a new tower that would directly succeed the model sold since 2019 (read our test).

Apple is also working on a brand new model with a pick-up design and equipped with in-house chips. full of hearts. But we will probably have to wait until next year before seeing this guy land.


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