A new journey starts again, builds a dream and forge ahead-Sidelights on the cultural and sports performances at the closing ceremony of the 14th National Games

A new journey starts again, builds a dream and forge ahead-Sidelights on the cultural and sports performances at the closing ceremony of the 14th National Games

2021-09-28 09:14:59Source: Xi’an News Network

On the evening of September 27, the closing ceremony of the 14th National Games was held in the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium. The beautiful crested ibis reluctantly opened up its wings and slowly flapped. The main torch that had been burning for 13 days in the stadium was gradually extinguished. The 14th National Games ended successfully, and the closing ceremony of the National Games entered the “Building Dreams and Endeavour” stylistic performance. “Building Dreams and Endeavoring” draws on the advantages of the opening ceremony’s cultural and sports performances, and uses a “simple, wonderful, and atmospheric” style to focus on showing the spirit of the Chinese sons and daughters who are striving for a new journey, confident and heroic, stubbornly fighting, and building dreams.

The storytelling performance in Northern Shaanxi in the chapter “Nong Chao”.

The first chapter “Cheers” sitcom performance.

A hundred years after the founding of the party, a grand sports event; to achieve a well-off society, a new journey begins again. The song “Like the New Era” opened the prelude to the cultural and sports performances. At this moment of celebration, aftertaste, and moving, all the actors sang high fives, narrated friendship, celebrated victory and success, and celebrated the new era and new achievements. With the performance of the overture “Celebration”, the three chapters of “Applause”, “Tide” and “Go Forward” unfolded in sequence.


Cheers for the great age

Cheers for China on the new journey

Under the stage chasing light, a reporter entered the audience’s field of vision. The scene used a melodramatic performance to reproduce the vast number of volunteers, epidemic prevention and control personnel, venue builders, and cultural and sports exhibition performers during the 14th National Games through the perspective of media reporters. Workers from all walks of life, including personnel, security personnel, logistics service personnel, etc., make selfless dedication and sweat for the goal of “Wonderful Success”. This is the demeanor of endeavour, the splendor of youth, the feeling of building dreams, and the vivid interpretation of striving to realize dreams. Familiar scenes and words of excitement on the stage are our cheers for unity and hard work, cheers for hard work, cheers for the great era, and cheers for China on the new journey!

“The Tide”

Be brave to be a waver of the times

Strive to write a new chapter in Shaanxi’s high-quality development

A group of powerful “martial arts youth” is like a broken bamboo, a “chivalrous girl” in a red dress dances gracefully, and a trendy Shaanxi local rock band sings passionately. On the big screen, landmarks of various cities in Shaanxi appeared. In the program “Three Qin Thoughts”, punches, kicks, eyebrows, breaths and breaths, all showing the collision of old and new, the embrace of tradition and fashion, and the dialogue between history and today. Look! The ambition of being a waver in the era is so dazzling, and the young Chinese dream-building poem on the new journey is so brilliant!

“The general secretary entrusts me to keep in mind and forge ahead with the party on a new journey. The Chinese people work together to take off the great cause of revival!” Inspired by the rugged and unique storytelling in northern Shaanxi, the creative expression of “transcendence”, artistically presents the ancient and brand-new China, glowing even more The strong vitality shows the confidence and determination of the sons and daughters of Sanqin to in-depth study, publicize and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s visit to Shaanxi to inspect important speeches, dare to fight, bravely be the trend of the times, and strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development.

“go ahead”

Chinese sons and daughters are united

Forge ahead courageously on a new journey

“In the new era of China, follow your original intentions; in the new era of China, endeavour is in our generation.” The music of the “Endeavour New Era” program sounded, and the exciting song and dance sounded the horn of progress. The group action demonstrated that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the Chinese sons and daughters are united in one mind and gathered the majestic strength to overcome all difficulties and obstacles, from victory to new victory, from creating miracles to creating greater miracles. , Ride the wind and waves, overcome obstacles, and move forward courageously on the new great journey.


Tianyao China builds dreams and forge ahead

The closing ceremony of the 14th National Games is coming to an end. The beautiful melody of “Tian Yao Chinese” resounded through the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium. The audience sang and danced together to look forward to the future of building a prosperous, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful modern socialist country, looking forward to a great revival. In the future, I would like to offer the most sincere and best wishes to our great party, great people, and great motherland.

At about 21 o’clock, the closing ceremony of the 14th National Games came to an end in the atmosphere of Yiyi’s farewell. In the 13 days, hard work and hard work, laughter and tears, sportsmanship, and Chinese power have resonated most deeply in people’s hearts. Let us meet in the next National Games, meet to achieve the second centenary goal and a bright future for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, and to forge ahead toward a new journey and the goal of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Xi’an Newspaper Media Reporter Yang Ming/Wen Di Xiaoxue/Picture


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