A new player steps up against the recovery in Orlando!

Decidedly, the opponents affirmed to a resumption of the season are multiplying in recent days. This time around, it was a Grizzlies player who spoke to express his fear.

So the threat wasn’t all that phantom. More than a week ago, a conference call was organized between NBA players to discuss the resumption of the season at Disney World, and especially to share their fears with regard to the latter. First announced at 200, the number of participants finally turned around 80.

For several days it is Kyrie Irving who alone embodied this protest movement, without receiving immense public support. So we thought his fight was slightly futile, while LeBron James and his natural notoriety over the rest of the league opposed him. The leader of the Nets finally receives more and more regularly testimonies of support.

Lately it’s John Wall speaking on this subject by joining Kyrie’s will. The All-Star, who will not be able to take part in the competition in Orlando in any case because of his long-standing injury, however, did not deliver the same story as his counterpart. His fear did not lie in seeing basketball news take precedence over social news, but rather in the health risks present in Orlando.

The Wizards star is not the only one to display his concern about the bubble that the NBA will put in place. In a program presented by Caron Butler on the league’s Twitter account, Justise Winslow has indeed delivered her doubts about the measures that her Grizzlies teammates and all those present on the site will have to apply.

The bubble is thorny, man… With COVID, I don’t think it’s a great idea to have all these people together in a bubble and in confined spaces. It’s almost the opposite of social distancing. There are going to be employees who work for Disney, who will go home, see their families and do whatever they want, but who will come back.

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The young Memphis winger, who has yet to make his debut with his new franchise due to injury, does not seem certain to make the trip to Florida with his team. However, he certainly had the time to learn and read in detail the measures that the NBA will put in place to ensure the good health of its players.

Meetings and contacts with park staff will be avoided as much as possible, they will constantly wear masks, and checks and tests will be carried out very regularly. Players will even have to wear an “anti-COVID” ring to prevent the onset of the disease. So many precautions that are not enough to reassure Winslow.

I’m sure everyone’s gonna get tested a lot, but there’s no vaccine for that, man. There are a lot of people who get sick. Even here in Texas the curves are going up. It doesn’t sound safe.

A return of the virus that can also be observed in Florida, and more particularly in Orange County where Orlando and Disney World are located. The phenomenon also has something to worry about the league, who could question his plans if the spread of the disease accelerates in the coming weeks.

Anxiety about the resumption of the season continues to escalate through the league ranks, with a Justise Winslow joining some of his peers and not showing much enthusiasm for making the trip to in Orlando.

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