A new space to continue vaccinating in Rosario

Ana Paula Milo, director of Healthy Territories.

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Ana Paula Milo, director of Healthy Territories.

The provincial vaccination center located in the former Rural area yesterday added a space with more positions in which six thousand people per day can be vaccinated, increasing its capacity by 50 percent. “Once we put it to the test and see how it works, we can even increase the shifts, which would generate a greater speed of application of the doses that are arriving,” said Ana Paula Milo, director of Healthy Territories. In addition, the official considered that the simultaneous dispatch of 210 thousand shifts last weekend acted as a contagion effect, and that since then there have been 50 thousand new registrants in the registry. In this framework, and by continuing to expand vaccinations, the province yesterday reopened the registry of volunteer vaccinators for covid-19. Rosario yesterday registered 729 of the 2,815 new cases of coronavirus reported in Santa Fe.

With the expansion inaugurated yesterday, 10 posts were added, to the 30 that were already operating on the former Rural property, reaching 40 vaccination sites. “Since the campaign began, we have considered the strategy that we must place the vaccines that are arriving as quickly as possible, the first months the arrival was more gradual. In principle, it had begun in Warehouse 17 with the health personnel, then The possibility arose of doing it on the premises of the former Rural with one wing, then we added another, “said Milo.

The official indicated that as of last week, with the arrival of a significant number of vaccines, which allows them to complete the vaccination of the population at risk of 18 to 59 years in the city, the initiative arose to incorporate a third wing . “This would add 50 percent more shifts than what we had been giving, from 4,000 we will be able to reach 6,000,” he said.

The director of Healthy Territories explained that when it comes to expanding vaccination capacity; the limiting factor, like everything that has happened since the beginning of the pandemic, is the human resource trained to carry it out. In that sense, he pointed out that by enabling the new pavilion with 10 positions in the vaccination center located in the former Rural, 130 people will be incorporated in the morning and another similar number in the afternoon, who will be added to the people who participate in the logistics of the control of vaccines, refrigerators and transportation.

After confirming that they will continue to vaccinate Saturday and Sunday, Milo said that the simultaneous dispatch of 210 thousand shifts last Friday, a very important fact that put the system to the test, generated a contagion effect. “For many families it was their turn and that motivated relatives who had not registered to do so. From Friday until now there have been more than 50 thousand new registrants in the registry, who will be rotated with the next arrival of vaccines”, detailed the provincial official. Until yesterday, 1,684,978 people were registered in the provincial registry, 1,330,300 vaccines were received, of which 1,149,870 doses were applied.

When asked about sending shifts to the population aged 18 to 59 without comorbidities, taking into account that the province empowered people who did not indicate a risk pathology when registering, Milo replied: “The idea is to alternate , assigning a percentage also because that population between 50 and 59 years old, even if it does not have a comorbidity, is still a population that is active in terms of productivity and work. “

With the expansion of vaccinations, the provincial government opened the registration of volunteers who wish to join as vaccinators. The call includes people over 18 years of age with experience in vaccination, who must register in https://servicios.santafe.gov.ar/voluntarios_vacunacion completing name, surname, document number, date of birth, contact telephone, email, address, town, training and / or profession. Regarding the call, and the importance of the campaign, the Minister of Health, Sonia Martorano, specified that “it is a call to nurses, nursing assistants, medical students, to join the vaccination program. We need them.”

With the 2,815 new cases reported yesterday, Santa Fe adds 366,311 infections since the start of the pandemic. The provincial Ministry of Health reported 51 deaths, a 94-year-old patient residing in the city, so that in the province 5,723 people died from the disease, 1.6% the fatality rate. In the provincial public centers, 382 people remain hospitalized in intensive care, 349 with mechanical respiratory assistance.

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