A new subscription plan for PlayStation Plus is coming soon!It is expected to be put into operation tomorrow | Game Information | Post76 Fun Network

PlayStation Plus announced earlier that it will start transferring member accounts today. It is expected that all transfer procedures will be completed tomorrow (May 24), and a new subscription plan will be officially launched! Earlier in March, Sony announced that it would add a new plan to the PlayStation Plus service, and Sony earlier announced the lineup of PlayStation Plus upgrades, including “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, “Death Stranding Director’s Cut” and “Ghost Of” Tsushima Director’s Edition”, while third-party works include “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition” and “Red Dead Redemption 2”. As for the advanced plan, you can replay old PlayStation and PSP classics: such as “Tekken 2”, “Everybody’s Golf”, etc., and there will also be limited-time game trials: including “Electric Rebel 2077”, etc., but PS3’s Classic titles are not on the list of playable titles on either subscription plan. Friends who plan to experience the new subscription plan for the first time remember to pay close attention to the update prompt of the game console!


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