A new version for fans only

The saga Mortal Kombat makes the leap to the big screen again, bringing his famous fighters and bloody brawls there. But if the fans of the first hour are happy to find the mythical Scorpion and Sub-Zero in flesh and blood, the novices, them, will be only very little impressed by the work of the scenario writer Simon McQuoid.

The title Mortal Kombat Now there is no need for presentations in several circles, the video game series having been an integral part of popular culture for three decades already, also being declined in the passage in the literary, television and cinematographic worlds.

Its concept? Warriors, ninjas and mere mortals from rival worlds and clans clash mercilessly in a great tournament granting the winner the right to invade the defeated kingdom with impunity.

If this concept has been adapted a few times for the screen, the rereading of it today by the Australian Simon McQuoid is probably the most faithful. With few exceptions, the characters are instantly recognizable, both in their looks and in their fighting skills. Nothing to complain about on this point.

Knowledge required

The problem ? This new offer requires a relatively in-depth knowledge of this universe to be appreciated. The faithful, those who have untied their fingers for countless hours in personifying these fighters on console, will be the only ones to appreciate all the references and often subtle nods to their fetish series.

Admittedly, it is difficult to sum up nearly 30 years of adventure in a 110-minute film. Nevertheless, we are turning several corners here, leaving the knowledge of the fans to fill both the gray areas and the narrative shortcuts used excessively.

And that’s where this Mortal Kombat The novices will alienate themselves, who will come up against an intrigue at times hungry, wobbly dialogues modeled on video games and combat scenes poorly served by an erratic editing.

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In short, a commendable effort, showing a deep respect for loyal fans. But, otherwise, nothing to exclaim “ Flawless Victory »…

A film by Simon McQuoid

With Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee and Mehcad Brooks. In theater and on premium video on demand

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