A nice video to say goodbye to the PS4

As the PlayStation 4 nears the end of its life due to the arrival of the PlayStation 5 on the market, some have a heavy heart to turn the page on seven years of games and fond memories with this console. . If you’re one of those people who gets a touch of nostalgia as they think back to all their experiences with their PS4, the YouTube video posted by Gameplay No Commentary may be what you need.

(Featured image taken on YouTube)

The new YouTube video titled Goodbye PS4 Tribute Fan Made released on November 21 features several PS4 classics that fans will be happy to see again. Indeed, if a game has particularly marked this 8th generation of console, it will be there.

It is pertinent to mention that the PS4 is far from obsolete as its rival has only just hit store shelves. However, we can logically assume that the greatest games of the PS4 (the classics that will mark the history of video games) have already been released. Even if your budget has not allowed you to test them all, you will be sure to recognize the majority of the games featured in this video. Watch out for the great sentimentalists who might shed a tear in front of this montage with emotional music.

Find games that are extremely popular with players such as Uncharted 4, the two Last of Us games, Red Dead Redemption 2, Ghost of Tsushima and more.

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