A novel about the Kataeb-Hezbollah meeting (Al-Akhbar)

Kataeb sources revealed that twelve days ago, the Secretary-General of the Kataeb Party, Serge Dagher, requested a meeting with a member of the political bureau in Hezbollah, Muhammad al-Khansa, and the latter responded.

During the research on the place and time of the meeting, Dagher suggested that it be in a commercial complex in Verdun, so Al-Khansa apologized because “the place is not suitable.” When Dagher offered a restaurant on the airport road, the member of the Political Bureau in Hezbollah was not enthusiastic for the same reason, and called on the Secretary-General of the Brigades to His house is in the Sfeir area in the southern suburbs, according to the Brigades’ sources“news”.

The sources confirmed that the meeting included speeches on literature, religion and culture, as well as a discussion of public affairs files presented politically and economically.

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