A Number of Political Parties Urged The Government To Prohibit Azan To Make A Voice

Azan illustration. Photo: pixabay

jpnn.com, DENMARK – A number of political parties in Denmark are urging the government to ban the call to prayer or call to prayer with loudspeakers, which are considered to cause interference.

Denmark’s second largest party, Venstre, led parliament’s push to ban the call to prayer through loudspeakers at the mosque on the grounds that it was very disturbing.

The Danish People’s Party, the Conservatives and the New Right joined Venstre, the Danish news agency, DR.

In total, the four parties controlled 71 seats in the Danish parliament with a total of 179 seats.

Venstre MP Mads Fuglede said the proposal was triggered by noise disturbances caused by the call to prayer and the fact that they had not been heard in Denmark.

“For Venstre, this is not about a single religion, although I realize that the call to prayer is often associated with Islam. The call to prayer is not something that is a tradition that we have in Danish society. We think it will be very disturbing in Denmark, “Fuglede explained by Russia Today.

Debates about towers in Scandinavian countries have been rampant in recent months.

Especially since a mosque in Gellerupparken, near Aarhus, echoes the call to prayer from the soccer field. This is because the mosque is still closed due to the Corona pandemic.


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