A nurse dies after being stabbed with a knife by a patient

A 30-year-old nurse died Thursday after being stabbed with a knife by a patient from a psychiatric unit in the French commune of Thouars (Deux-Sèvres), local media reported.

“An investigation has been opened for murder and attempted murder of people entrusted with a public service mission,” said the prosecutor.

The nurse, mother of two children, was attacked by the 20-year-old patient when he was trying to leave the psychiatric unit of the Nord Deux-Sèvres hospital. According to investigators, he stabbed her in the chest. The young woman died hours later.

“One of the priorities of the investigation is to find out how the suspect obtained a knife,” explained Natacha Rateau, a prosecutor in the city of Niort, according to the AFP agency.

The assailant was arrested and taken into police custody after being evaluated by a psychiatrist.

“This type of escape attempt occurs regularly, but it was impossible to predict that the patient would be armed with a knife,” said a companion of the victim. “This highlights the lack of resources of the hospital in general and of psychiatry in particular.” .

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