A peek inside Rome Apple Store, a renovated 17th-century mansion | HYPEBEAST.KR

AppleIt has opened a new Apple store in Rome, Italy. Nested in one of Rome’s most famous streets, Via Corso, this store was completed by remodeling a 17th-century mansion. Apple has designed the new store with a focus on maintaining the original beauty of the existing building. In fact, in preparation for the opening of a new store, Apple also worked on the restoration of the artwork placed in the mansion. Typical works include the graffiti by Italian painter Afro Basaldella and the ceiling painting by Fabio Chipola.

In the store, more than 200 employees who speak 20 languages ​​welcome customers. On the first floor of the store, there is a terrace full of olive trees, and a variety of new Apple products can be found in the marble-decorated exhibition space. As with any Apple Store, the new Rome Apple Store will feature curation sessions led by local artists.

opened in italy 17The appearance of the second Apple Store can be seen through the gallery above.. Book a store visit Brand official websiteis possible in.

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