A perfect controller to play on Nintendo Switch at -40%

Good news A perfect controller to play on Nintendo Switch at -40%

The price of controllers can sometimes be a pretty nasty extra cost, especially if you’re playing user-friendly games like Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo’s latest console. The Amazon promotion of the day will delight Switch gamers in search of compatible controllers since the Mario model from PowerA goes from 24€ to 14€, a great saving on an officially licensed controller.

PowerA Mario wired controller: an affordable controller for the Nintendo Switch

On the merchant site, you can see many colors for this simple but effective model. The promotion concerns the Mario model and lowers its price by €10.

Buy the wired controller for Switch at 14€ at Amazon

Getting a wired controller drastically lowers the price of your device. You also don’t have to worry about batteries or charging. No latency is to be deplored either since the inputs are wired (which Super Smash Bros Ultimate players particularly like). Finally, the controller is immediately recognized and you don’t have to worry about pairing. For a useful extra controller when you have friends over, it’s therefore ideal for not taking the lead and playing quickly.

A comfortable, easy-to-grip controller with customizable buttons

The sticks are precise, as is the 8-way directional cross. The controller is, it goes without saying, much more comfortable than the gameplay with Joy-Con, which will greatly improve your long game sessions on Breath of the Wild or rather long RPGs. The XYAB buttons have been enlarged to improve comfort as well.

The brand has clearly thought of everything with two additional buttons on the back of the controller: ZL and ZR. A rear programming button allows you to assign the keys very simply with a simple press of two seconds. You also have a 3.5mm jack port to connect headphones and enjoy your game audio the way you want. The wired connection is made using a detachable 3m cable.

For the price, you really don’t see why putting more in your controller, with an ergonomic and very easy-to-use product under Nintendo license. An Amazon promotion will make all Switch owners happy who want to switch to multiplayer or simply improve their gaming comfort at a lower price.

Buy the wired controller for Switch at 14€ at Amazon

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