A perfect equalizer by Jin-ya Kim, who made her own team cry

In the second half, Incheon United FC goalkeeper Stefan Mugosa right-footed on-target shot moment ⓒ Shim Jae-cheol

One of the balls hit twice by Ki Sung-Yong’s right arm was recorded as an own goal, but after a long VAR video analysis, it was concluded that it cannot be considered a handball foul. Since the extra time in the second half was almost over, my heart must have sank more than anyone else. In this way, the Ingyeong War and the Gyeongin Derby continued so fiercely that it was impossible to let go of even a single moment.

The first derby match of the 2022 K-League season 1 between Incheon United FC and FC Seoul was held on the 26th (Sat) at 2 pm at the Incheon Football Stadium, and the exciting game result left both teams with disappointment and ended 1-1. The dramatic equalizer was wingback Kim Jin-ya (FC Seoul) from Incheon United FC, so the lingering impression of the derby match was inevitable.

The ball hit Ki Sung-yong’s right arm twice.

In terms of possession of the ball alone, away team FC Seoul seemed to have won. FC Seoul, which occupies 66.9%, was still the same as coach Ahn Ik-soo completely changed the team. The pressure defense was amazing, and the counterattack based on it was quick and threatening. This trend was reflected in the passing records of both teams. FC Seoul surpassed home team Incheon United FC’s 63.7% (215/337) with a pass success rate of 82.8% (589/711).

Despite this, the home team Incheon United FC took the lead in the effective shooting record (5 Incheon United FC, 2 FC Seoul). It was thanks to the signboard goalkeeper Stefan Mugosa, who scored the winning goal from the first game of the season. Mugosa played 86 minutes and set a record of four shots, all of which were effective shots that went into the FC Seoul goal guarded by goalkeeper Yang Han-bin.

  In the second half, the field players of FC Seoul surrounded Song Si-woo of Incheon United FC.

In the second half, the field players of FC Seoul surrounded Song Si-woo of Incheon United FC. ⓒ Shim Jae-cheol

19 minutes after the game started, the home team Incheon United FC scored first. From the right flank, Dohyeok Kim posted a smooth left-footed turning cross, and Stefan Mugosa turned to the opposite side and fired a power header shot. When the ball hit Goalkeeper Yang Han-bin’s glove and fell over the goal line, Si-hoo Hong rushed in and held out his right shoulder, and it hit the right arm of FC Seoul defensive midfielder Ki Seong-yong, who followed to block it, and it was an own goal.

However, in the second half, away team FC Seoul’s attack was fierce. At the start of the second half, Kim Jin-ya, who came in instead of Lee Tae-seok, scored an unforgettable equalizer. In the 74th minute, the short and precise pass flow leading to ‘Ji Dong-won-Ki Seong-Yong-Kan-Kan’ from the right flank was perfect.

After graduating from Incheon United FC youth team Daegeon High School and entering the professional stage in 2017, Jinya Kim, who played 73 games (1 point and 3 assists) and changed to the rival team FC Seoul uniform, scored her first goal in her third season. Since it was an away game with my parents’ team, I had no choice but to have mixed feelings. His teammates rushed to congratulate him, but Jin-ya Kim could not smile broadly and gestured to refrain from the ceremony, showing manners in front of the 4618 fans of his former team, Incheon United FC.

And in extra time in the second half, FC Seoul’s Seong-Yong Ki experienced another dizzying moment. After receiving the ball stabbed by Incheon United FC substitute Aguilar, Kim Do-hyeok aimed at Lee Yong-jae and tried to raise the pass with his right foot.

It was a moment of handball foul, but referee Kim Dong-jin, who went through the VAR on-field review process, decided that he had not intentionally stretched out his arm to block the direction of the ball and ended the game. Incheon United FC home fans let out a sigh of relief, and Ki Seong-yong, who was so tired that his face turned white, wiped his chest and relieved himself.

  A reversal banner unfolded by Incheon United FC supporters (blue and black) just before kick-off

A reversal banner unfolded by Incheon United FC supporters (blue and black) just before kick-off ⓒ Shim Jae-cheol

Meanwhile, just before the kick-off, both supporters raised the handwritten banner to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, making the same voices echo.

2022 K League 1 Results(February 26, 2pm, Incheon Football Stadium)

Incheon United FC 1-1 FC Seoul [득점 : 기성용(19분,자책골) / 김진야(74분,도움-고요한)]

Incheon United FC players
FW: Kim Do-hyuk, mugosa(86 minutes ↔ Yongjae Lee), Sihoo Hong(29 minutes ↔ Siwoo Song)
MF: Kang Yun-gu, Lee Myung-joo (72 min ↔ Delbridge), Yeoreum, Kim Bo-seop (86 min ↔ Min Kyung-hyun)
DF : Dongmin Kim, Kanghyun Lee (86min↔Aguilar), Minsu Kang
Goalkeeper: Dongheon Kim

FC Seoul players
Forwards: Na Sang-ho, Kang Seong-jin (60 minutes ↔ Kim Shin-jin), Jo Young-wook (69 minutes ↔ Kwon Seong-yoon)
MF : Kee Sung YoungPalosevich (60 minutes ↔ Dong-won Ji), Calm
DF : Lee Tae-seok (46 minutes ↔Jinya Kim), Osmar, Lee Han-beom, Yoon Jong-gyu
Goalkeeper: Yang Hanbin

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