A petition for the elimination of Charles is born!

Who is the leader? It is CHARLES!

If there is a candidate forDouble occupancy Chez nous which has been talked about since the very beginning of the adventure, it’s good Charles Montigny, the 27-year-old entrepreneur and speaker. The famous self-proclaimed “positive leader” of the 2020 edition has aroused passions since he declared that he was not there to win … but, nevertheless, keeps repeating every five minutes that he is the ideal candidate and THE leader perfect for completing this adventure in pole position.

The entrepreneur from Baie-Comeau, who passed the auditions ofDouble occupancy Chez nous so that he was still in a relationship and lived with his girlfriend, has also tried his luck in three TV shows on three different channels in the last few months!

All that to say that Charles sucks the cabbage of several viewers since the very beginning ofOD With us with his narcissistic remarks and lies to Eloise and other candidates. So much so that petition for the withdrawal of Charles was created in order to withdraw it altogether from the competition!

It goes as follows:

«WHEREAS all the viewers of Occupation Double hate the character of Charles;

Considering that OD candidates do not need a leader (or a “leader” as Charles would say);

Considering that Charles is not the “leader” he claims to be;

Considering that the candidates do not need a father in the adventure;

Considering that candidates do not need a life coach who advises them;

Considering that candidates do not need a soldier to watch them;

Considering that the candidates do not need a judge of the authenticity of their couple;

Considering that the couple of Charles and Éloïse is neither better nor more authentic because they were the first to appear as a couple;

To these causes, the signatories of this petition ask for the following:

1. Because of his condescending behavior towards other candidates and his harmful presence in the adventure, Charles must be eliminated as soon as possible. [sic] »

Ouch! Moreover, the social networks of Charles were flooded with comments hateful in the last days and production had to intervene!

Charles will have quite a lift when he leaves FROM and come back to reality …

On the same theme, a funny and awkward video of Charles went viral last week. In this unusual motivational capsule, shot before the candidate arrived on the adventure, he declares that he likes to suffer on purpose by going to the gym without his headphones and brushing his teeth with the wrong hand.

You can also discover the 10 sexiest photos of the speaker from Baie-Comeau!

Pssst! Check out this HILARAN parody of Charles by Ariel Charest!

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