News A petition to authorize the sale of seeds

A petition to authorize the sale of seeds


Gardening at Coronavirus time.

Laurent Debrot, green deputy at the Grand Council of Neuchâtel, asks the Federal Council to consider as essential goods seeds, plants and seedlings during the coronavirus pandemic. Concretely, he wants these products to be put back on sale in shops. He launched on Sunday March 22 an online petition which collected more than 17,000 signatures. Laurent Debrot has already sent his petition three times to the President of the Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga without having received an answer for the moment. But he does not lose confidence, especially since the Italian government reintroduced the possibility of buying it on March 22.

The Neuchâtel MP believes that his proposal would give a breath of fresh air to market gardeners who are currently destroying their seed pieces because they cannot sell them. Laurent Debrot goes further in his approach. He asked the Federal Council to invite the population and the municipalities which have land suitable for gardening to make it available to families who would have the use of it, while obviously respecting safety rules.

The online petition continues to be signed. / sma




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