A pharaonic coffin appears in Dubai .. What is the secret and how did Egypt suspend?

The archaeological sarcophagus of the Pharaonic priest Psamtik has arrived in Dubai, to join the display in the Egypt pavilion at the “Dubai Expo 2020”, after taking all necessary measures to pack, transport and ship the coffin.

The sarcophagus that was found in the archaeological area of ​​Saqqara is made of colored wood in the shape of a humanoid, decorated with a large necklace of flowers ending with two falcon heads, and beneath it are Pharaonic inscriptions bearing the texts of offerings.

This sarcophagus is one of the colorful wooden coffins that were recently discovered in the archaeological area of ​​Saqqara in Egypt, through the archaeological mission of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, according to what the Emirati media quoted a spokeswoman for the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Suha Bahgat.

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She also arrived to participate in the Egyptian pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, a group of archaeological reproductions of King Tutankhamun to be displayed in the pavilion to promote Egyptian civilization.

The collection of reproductions of King Tutankhamun includes his golden mask, his sarcophagus, the Ka-guard statue of the king, the special occasion chair, as well as the king’s golden throne chair.

The idea of ​​coffins in the ancient Egyptian civilization is of great importance from the religious and symbolic point of view, as it is the most important element in the burial process, as it is the shelter or the place where the body of the deceased is placed and is prepared for the calculation process in the other world, according to Pharaonic beliefs.

The sarcophagus of the Pharaonic priest Psamtik

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The transfer of these artifacts comes within the framework of the keenness of all Egyptian state agencies to make available all their capabilities to ensure the success of the Egyptian participation in the “Expo Dubai 2020”, and to show the Egyptian pavilion in a way that suits Egypt’s position, as one of the most important global tourist and archaeological destinations.

According to the Egyptian official, by displaying the sarcophagus at the “Expo Dubai 2020” exhibition, Egypt seeks to promote tourism to Egypt and “highlight our cultural excellence and our ancient civilization that is deeply rooted in history, especially with the presence of exhibitors from all over the world, and attracting the experience to huge numbers of visitors.”

She added, “We expect that displaying the sarcophagus of Priest Psamtik in Dubai will help draw the world’s attention to the modern Egyptian discoveries and push them to come to Egypt to enjoy our tourist and archaeological destinations and learn more about the ancient Egyptian civilization.”

Regarding the steps to transfer the coffin from Cairo to Dubai, she explained that “the transfer procedures were carried out by experts and specialists in the Supreme Council of Antiquities, where there was great concern to complete the process safely and peacefully through the highest level of professionalism and after obtaining the necessary approvals from the government.”


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