A pig farm penned by L214 in a new shock video

The images were shot in September in a farm in Dirinon in Finistere. – L214

"The fate we have for these animals is hell on Earth." The images are commented by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. In his new shock video released this Thursday,
the association L214 attacks a pig farm based on the commune of Dirinon in Finistère.

Affiliated with the Triskalia cooperative, which supplies the Bigard and Socopa brands, "this XXL farm has permission to breed 800 breeding sows and fatten more than 8,000 pigs at a time," the association says. His teams went on site in September to shoot images that reflect the "deplorable hygiene" of livestock.

Dead bodies in the midst of living animals

We discover in the video of dirty enclosures, with stagnant water and an accumulation of droppings. Corpses also litter the ground. "Some are in an advanced state of putrefaction, left in the corridors and even in the pig pens, in the midst of living animals," denounces the association.

The investigation also reveals that many pigs are seriously injured. "Those with open wounds are devoured by their peers instead of being isolated as required by regulation," says L214.

A complaint filed with the prosecutor's office of Brest

The association finally points out the use of many antibiotics in this breeding, "some of which are classified by the WHO as critically important", as well as the presence of growth hormones such as dexamethasone, a doping product used by doctors. sports.

Following this investigation, L214 announces that it has lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor of the Republic of Brest against the offending animal breeding for "bad treatment and serious abuse towards animals".

Not "the reality of daily farming" according to Triskalia

While denouncing the "modus operandi" b of the association, the cooperative Triskalia, requested by AFP, believes that "injured animals should clearly have been separated from others at the first signs and treated in the infirmary provided for this purpose ".

However, it assures that the facts denounced "do not reflect the reality of farming on a daily basis". Nevertheless, she indicates that she will "carry out all the necessary verifications concerning this breeding". Triskalia has 16,000 farming members and 4,800 employees.



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