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″ Could be expected to continue the franchise, including the film’s release date, cast, and known story details. Paramount found a surprise franchise start in 2018 when John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” was praised by critics and became a box office success.

After several delays caused by the closing of cinemas in Covid-19, It was programmed from the beginning of 2020 to the summer of 2021. The sequel is again directed by Krasinski and starring Emily Blunt What Evelyn Abbott, who continues to guide his children through an existence plagued by aliens where any sound can kill them.

Paramount Y Platinum Dunes moved relatively quickly to convert “A place in silence” in a franchise, but there are no official plans to “A Quiet Place 3″ for the moment. It has been announced that the director of Mud, Jeff Nichols, is writing and directing a spin-off of “A Quiet Place” for a launch in 2022. However, Krasinski could continue the family story Abbott with .

Although the lack of an advertisement for “A place in silence 3” not much of a concern as it should be advertised whenever be a success. It will not be easy for the second film to repeat the success of the first. The reduced capacity of the theater and other pandemic factors give “A Quiet Place 2″ one more uphill battle. Paramount you should take this into account when deciding whether or not to greenlight a third movie.


John Krasinski is in charge of directing ‘A Quiet Place’ (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

No official plot details are available for “A Quiet Place 3″ right now, but Krasinski has a tentative idea of ​​where the capper of the trilogy might go narratively: Emily Blunt has said that a trilogy of “A Quiet Place”. This story is set at the end of “A Quiet Place 2″.

It’s safe to say that the next installment in the franchise will continue to explore how humanity is fighting the aliens that are currently in the Land. In addition, the family Abbott it should once again be at the center of how that chapter of this story is told.


A place in silence in its part two is expected to be a success and perhaps the premiere of a third part depends on it.  (Photo: Paramount)
A place in silence in its part two is expected to be a success and perhaps the premiere of a third part depends on it. (Photo: Paramount)

“A Quiet Place 3″ currently has no release date. Paramount hasn’t officially announced that the sequel is in development yet, but that should happen quickly if “A Quiet Place 2″ it is a success. You could have worked on a third movie during the locks of Covid-19, which could allow development to progress fairly quickly if confirmed “A Quiet Place 3″. The best scenario for the release date of “A Quiet Place 3″ is sometime in 2023, but a spring / summer release in 2024 it should be more likely at this point.


Along the
Throughout “A Quiet Place 2,” both groups face numerous threats ranging from the film’s inexplicable monsters to other survivors. (Photo: Paramount)

The franchise “A Quiet Place” is based on the family Abbott and that means “A Quiet Place 3″ It should bring back most of the family. Emily Blunt will once again be the protagonist of a third film and will continue to advance in the history of Evelyn. It is also expected that Millicent Simmonds Y Noah Skirt come back as your children, Regan Y Marcus.

Lee Abbott could have died at the end of “A Quiet Place”, but flashbacks could allow Krasinski will return one more time. Regarding the new additions to the franchise through “A Quiet Place 2″, it remains to be seen if Cillian Murphy O Djimon Hounsou they will return.


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