A platform 100% dedicated to youth employment

To everyone’s surprise, young people believe in the future despite the coronavirus crisis which is hitting them hard. This is what emerges from the latest JobTeaser survey conducted among 11,000 of them. Better still: 45% of 18-27 year olds would be “confident” in their chance to find a job in this gloomy economic context. But if morale is better, the fate of these young people, in particular 16-25 year olds who left the school system without employment or training, continues to worry the government.

Almost three months after the launch of the youth plan, with a budget of 6.5 billion euros intended to support the arrival of 700,000 to 800,000 young people on the labor market, the government is launching a platform on Thursday. form which is particularly intended for them. The goal? Quickly put them in touch with potential employers but also foster links with companies ready to hire.

Job offers and job dating

“More than 20,000 work-study internship offers, civic services, training, fixed-term contracts but also permanent contracts will be online this Thursday afternoon on the platform 1jeune1solution. Students will also be able to register for 200 meetings organized with potential employers ”, announces exclusively to Parisien Today in France Benjamin Ducousso, CEO of Wizbii, the platform specializing in youth employment, partner of the Ministry of Labor on this operation. “The objective is to quickly collect 100,000 job offers,” indicate the services of the Ministry of Labor. The positions listed on this site are primarily intended for students because they require little or no professional experience.

Organized into sections (“I am applying for a job”; “I am participating in an event”, “I consult the measures”, etc.), this new site compiles the job descriptions available by job pool as well as the main meetings recruitments such as student fairs, job dating but also Facebook live events organized by companies ready to hire.

51% of companies ready to hire

The government, which hopes that the companies will be there, also devotes two sections to them, where all the hiring aids are listed. The launch of this new digital portal is carried out while several lights are green. Indeed, the objectives set by the government should in part be achieved by the end of December with 700,000 young people already hired on CDI or CDD for more than 3 months in August and September, i.e. + 1.3% more than in 2019.

The impact of the plan on apprenticeship, for example, (a bonus of 5,000 euros for hiring a work-study student under 18, 8,000 euros if he or she is over 18), is already concrete, with 314,000 new apprenticeship contracts signed in mid-October. “We should even exceed the record of 2019”, anticipates the ministry. This Tuesday, it is the interim group Synergie, specializing in the temporary work sectors, which announced its desire to “recruit 1000 young people on temporary CDI”. Another small ray of hope: again according to the JobTeaser survey, 51% of companies are now ready to hire.

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