A possible sexual assault is investigated at the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The world of light, color and fantasy that disguises the capital of the island of Tenerife during this week could count, despite the great security that supports it, with a black episode. The staff of the carnival hospital attended 153 people last night, including a victim of an alleged sexual assault, as reported by the City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The victim would be an 18-year-old girl, who would have suffered these events in the vicinity of the Santos ravine at the height of the La Concepción church, where the Foundation tram stop is located. The woman was assisted at the carnival hospital and from there she was referred to the Hospital Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria. The agents of the Local Police and the National Police have begun an investigation of the event to clarify the facts by collecting testimonies from those present.

Apart from this young woman, the well-known violet spot that has been installed in the carnival hospital attended to four other women, three for physical aggressions – of a “mild” nature – and another for gender violence. Likewise, the city council data shows that, of the 153 people treated in the mobile hospital during the night, 136 were adults and 17 were minors.

Of all of them, 56% of the carnivals attended – 86 people – were due to alcohol poisoning, another 13 were due to drug poisoning, as well as another 14 were due to trauma and falls. Finally, the Police Intervention Unit (UNIPOL) took advantage of the night to detain a 21-year-old boy – recognized with the acronym ASV – who had been carrying out a search warrant for several crimes of robbery with violence and theft from the past month of September. .

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