A possible work by Banksy appears on the wall of the prison where Oscar Wilde was imprisoned (PHOTO)

The artist has not claimed authorship of the work nor has he spoken on the subject on social networks.

A graffiti that was possibly made by the famous British artist Banksy has appeared on the wall of Reading prison, in Berkshire, United Kingdom, informs The Sun.

The image shows a man escaping from jail with the help of a typewriter. Several users of social networks assure that it is a clear reference to Oscar Wilde, who spent two years in this prison after being convicted of homosexual conduct in 1895.

It is also speculated that this work is a show of support by Banksy for the campaign that was launched to save the historic building after it was closed in 2014.

For his part, Banksy has not claimed authorship of the work nor has he ruled on the subject in his bill from Instagram. If his creation is confirmed, this would be the artist’s first work after more than two months of absence.

His last confirmed work showed up on the side of a house on a street in Bristol and would be related to the covid-19 pandemic. The image shows a woman wearing a headscarf, dropping her purse and cane as she loses her false teeth due to a sneeze.

Banksy is the pseudonym of a British street art artist, whose identity is unknown and who has been gaining popularity since the 1980s. His work consists mainly of satirical pieces on politics, popular culture, ethnic groups and morality. Several of his works have sold for millions of dollars.

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