a pot to buy the next James Bond and finally get it out in theaters

The coronavirus did not spare agent 007. The release of the next part of his adventures, No Time to Die (To die can wait, in French), has been postponed several times because of the crisis. After unsuccessful negotiations with some streaming platforms to broadcast the film on VOD, fans decided to stop waiting and launched an online fundraiser to buy the broadcasting rights which would amount to $ 600 million.

The bet is sizeable. The collection has been launched on the site Go Fund Me, and collects, for the moment, only 850 pounds of the 607 million it wants to reach (or 670 million euros). The goal is to release the film for the month of december, and thus allow the public to find the secret agent for the holidays, and the cinemas to put their heads above water. The kitty is called elsewhere “Bond Saves Christmas“, or” Bond saves Christmas “in French.

I have to say that the crisis has impacted the world of cinema like never before. Closed cinemas, interrupted filming during the first confinement, the passage on VOD of several major blockbusters (as Mulan from Disney for example), and the incessant postponements of many others (No Time to Die have been 4 times), have undermined the sector. Having James Bond headlining before the end of the year could give it some air, as had done Tenet de Christopher Nolan this summer.

Either way, there is nothing to say that if these fans manage to raise the astronomical sum, MGM will agree to cede its rights to the action film. A representative of the studio told the magazine Variety that James Bond was not for sale.

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A black woman under the number 007

The news around the secret agent is jostling. After the death of Sean Connery last week, and that of Margaret Nolan, former “James Bond Girl”, in October, it was recently learned that one of the actresses of the next robbery would play Agent 007 on screen. The rumor had been started and confirmed in half a word in 2019. But this time it’s from Lashana Lynch, the actress in question, that comes the confirmation. However, she will not resume the role of Daniel Craig, with whom she shares the poster, but that of a new character who will have replaced James Bond, retired, under the legendary number. This will undoubtedly be a step forward for representation of racialized women in the cinema, and some already imagine that a spin-off centered around the agent could see the light of day, which has so far been ruled out by the studio.

Moreover, the character of the big bad, embodied by Rami Malek (Oscar winner in 2019 for his portrayal of Freddy Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody), becomes clearer. Director Cary Fukunaga said Malek will play the biggest villain in the entire saga. And rumors are rife as to the character he would really play, and who would be none other than the famous Dr No, one of the most famous antagonists in the history of the franchise. The actor said this theory was interesting, although he did not confirm it, which ignited fans on social media.

The output of No Time to Die is still planned for avril 2021, and must be the last film in the franchise worn by Daniel Craig.

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