A pregnant woman appears, but a mystery remains in Cali – Cali – Colombia

Leidy Vanessa Valencia Fernández would not have been pregnant at the time of her disappearance, despite reports that were circulating in the city that she had been found, but without her baby.

The woman left her residence in the south of the capital del Valle since Thursday afternoon and lost her trail until Saturday afternoon.

“Fortunately, the lady appeared, she was taken to the medical service. She has been treated in her entirety and the most important thing is that she is in good health. Preliminarily we are waiting for the final report of her health situation to be made to us to verify that she is totally well and preliminarily we also know that the lady was not in a state of pregnancy. Therefore, we will wait for the final report from the medical service to know what happened, “said Cali Security Secretary Carlos Alberto Rojas.

Preliminarily we also know that the lady was not in a state of pregnancy

The Mayor’s Office, the Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office handle the information on the case with prudence.

In networks there were versions of your baby’s luck.

On the afternoon of Thursday, February 11, Leidy Vanessa, 24, He left his home in the Las Granjas neighborhood.

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Around 6 in the afternoon, His relatives began to notice that he did not appear and his cell phone was off.

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Carlos Valencia said that they felt anguish, because it was not a normal behavior for his sister and they began to look for information and spread calls in case someone had seen her.

At 8 a.m. on Saturday they filed the case of disappearance.

Leidy Vanessa only told some close friends that she would go to a foundation on the Simón Bolívar highway because a “friend”, whom they do not know.

The search on Friday reached hospitals and health centers. On Saturday morning they were told that they had seen her in Yumbo, but that has not been confirmed.

In the evening it was known that he was in the Primitivo Crespo hospital. In the media and networks it was assured that she had undergone a cesarean section and there was no information about the baby.

That has not been confirmed by authorities.

The Police and the Prosecutor’s Office were at the assistance center to clarify what happened.



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