A prick in the culture

In the columns of Parisian from this Thursday, 200 artists (including Nagui, first short story) plead, at the initiative of Stanislas Nordey, for a rapid vaccination so that the virus very quickly disappears and theaters can quickly reopen, letting cultural life resume its rights. “For now, the vaccine is the only solution to regain a normal life”, pleads Gérard Jugnot, “Informed citizen” who has “Confidence in medicine”. He also considers inevitable the creation of a vaccine passport to enter theaters, a proposal that Roselyne Bachelot however refused yesterday in the name of freedom of vaccination. “When we were children, we all got vaccinated without asking any questions. It’s the same today, and it’s urgent ”, adds Julie Gayet, who then explains that François Hollande agrees.

Chiot must go on

However, some artists resist. The anti-all pasionaria Brigitte Bardot sees in the Covid an uncontrollable self-regulation of terrestrial demography and explains to Here in Paris: “This vaccine may be unusable, because the virus will mutate. It has already started, and this is just the start of a race for the labs. “ What venality. Jugnot, Gayet and others are obviously not talking about money. But exemplary. After having undergone confinement, curfews, re-containment and the closing of the rooms, they abandon their status as creators to highlight only what remains when we have scraped all the drawers and bazaarded the chest of drawers: their bodies, the actor in the ‘bone, naked on stage, offering the container of his arteries to Pfizer to be able to launch his tirade. Or, to put it in language BB can understand: puppy must go on.

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This new union between art and medicine does not pass through the Marseille IHU of Raoult but through the Cannes bunker. The Palais des Festivals, transformed for the first confinement into a reception center for homeless people, is reconfigured this time from Saturday into a vaccinodrome capable of saving lives, for caregivers first, then for caregivers of more than 50 years old or with comorbidity. One of the solutions for the Festival, which we do not yet know if it will be able to be held in May, would be to leave the equipment available so that the accredited ones can be discreetly inoculated the vaccine by going to get their precious pass to access the screenings. . What a delight then to watch the latest Kechiche under antibody or to consider any failure as a regrettable side effect. Let’s dream together of reversing cause and effect, and instead of waiting for everyone to be vaccinated to reopen theaters and cinema, let’s reopen them first and vaccinate all the spectators who come there.

Guillaume Tion


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