a private detective in the Corsican maquis – Liberation

In her latest novel, Michèle Pedinielli takes us to the Isle of Beauty where a journalist was found killed and charred in her car.

If you like Corsica, this thriller is for you, it tells about sumptuous landscapes that make you want to jump on the first ferry to Ajaccio. If you don’t like it, this thriller is for you too, it tells about the violence of men and the cult of secrecy that lock down local society, it can make you leave the ferry without regrets.

Ghjulia Boccanera, known as Diou, is a private detective in Nice. In her fifties, single, she has a sense of distribution, a tenacious distrust of the Corsicans she knows intimately for being the companion of one of their own, Joseph Santucci, says Jo. One day, he reminds her: his niece, Letizia Paoli, was shot in the back of the head before being burned in the trunk of her car. He does not trust the police, he asks them to retaliate on the island and conduct the investigation on his side.

Promised to a bright future

In the mountains of Alta Rocca, Diou finds himself isolated in a little house, a ruin that Jo repairs over time, drowned in the bush. And confronted with her ex-in-laws that the pain makes even more savage than when she shared her daily life. The Santucci clan consists of Antoinette, Jo’s sister, who married François with whom she had Letizia. Only child, this one had become a television journalist in sight, promised with a brilliant future before being assassinated. François, who died of cancer, had a sister, Diane, married to a certain Pierre, killed in a hunting accident, with whom she had a son, Pasquale. She now lives with Antoinette while Letizia had married Jean-Noël with whom she had a daughter, Maria-Stella, aged 3 at the time of the murder. You follow ? It seems complicated at first, but you get used to it very quickly.

It’s urgent

In order to try to trace the thread of the story and especially to understand who could blame Letizia to the point of carbonizing her body, Diou will sift through the blog that the young woman devoted to personal investigations. And try to talk the inhabitants of the village she meets at Ange, the cafeteria. Was the murder related to these fires started on this land coveted by real estate speculators? Or with these thousand-year-old olive trees torn from their land to be sold for fortunes? When Jean-Noël, Letizia’s husband, disappears in his turn, Diou will step up a gear, there is an emergency.

Written in the first person singular, this thriller, rewarded at the beginning of the month by the France Bleu prize of the polar / Toulouse polars du Sud, is tasted like a sip of myrtle, a scent of immortal. He is burning with sunshine and resentment but also very funny because Michèle Pedinielli, “Born of a mixture of Corsican and Italian” and that one associates quite well with Diou, has a humor which knows how to fly.

The Patience of the Immortal, Michèle Pedinielli, Black Dawn, 227 pp, 17.90 euros


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