A prolonged cold or corona.. know how to differentiate between them and the most serious symptoms

Both coronavirus and influenza are infections caused by contagious coronaviruses that tend to cause a lot of respiratory symptoms, which is why it is so difficult to fundamentally distinguish between the two viral illnesses at such times..

According to a report by the Times of India, what makes it very easy to confuse the symptoms, and at the present time is the way in which advanced corona cases appear even after vaccination, people who have had corona cases suffer from a milder type of infection, which tends to feel that Cold or flu case.

Influenza infection is currently lingering for longer than usual, causing advanced symptoms which can again be a guide for people to seek medical care, check if what they are going through is actually routine flu, or something else more worrying..

Why do flu symptoms last longer?

The flu season is swelling this year, and for those infected, the severity and duration of infection can be severe and long lasting.

While high-risk cases can have a lot of underlying causes (such as age and comorbidities), one reason for flu symptoms to persist for a long time is less exposure to the flu, thanks to coronavirus outbreaks usually, we all are exposed to the virus that causes flu and tend to acquire a certain level Natural immunity even without infection

Some symptoms can also last longer, due to the risk of catching a prolonged flu, such as the long-term corona disease also Post-viral malaise can cause many people to have persistent symptoms such as body aches, aches, fever, fatigue, giving the impression that the flu infection is going in a long path.

How can you tell if your symptoms are really those of corona?

Testing remains the best way to know if a person has the coronavirus or the flu. However, since the two infections have so many symptoms in common, and there is also a risk of a twin pandemic this year, it becomes very important to be aware of the signs and symptoms, to notice worsening of the signs, and to know When is the right time to seek medical attention?.

What else should you check?

If you find that your symptoms are getting worse day by day, or that the fever does not go away after 3-4 days, it is likely a corona infection, where the person has symptoms of fever and inflammation that last for up to a week, some other symptoms, or signs Worsening, such as chest pain, is more common with a corona infection. What you also need to look out for is the possible infection around you.

If you are infected with the Coronavirus, the chances of spreading the infection to family members are higher, compared to the rates of transmission of the flu..


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