a PS deputy for exemptions and incentives

The deputy of Côte d’Or Laurent Grandguillaume, member of the Finance committee and the Simplification committee, spoke out in favor of tax incentives for companies that invest.

While the bosses rarely express their dissatisfaction with the government with a week of mobilization to “unlock the economy”, the idea of ​​new measures to reduce corporate taxation is gaining ground. Laurent Grandguillaume, deputy for the Côte d’Or and member of the simplification committee, expressed his desire to help “those who invest” during a video chat organized by Actite and Heritage Club. PS MP and therefore member of the majority, Laurent Grandguillaume has taken very clear positions on corporate taxation : “We must prorate the land contribution of companies (…) What is right is that the one who takes risks and who invests in the company is encouraged compared to the one who invests in the stone or in investments that do not create wealth, “he said, going so far as to speak out in favor of a reform of theISF. “It would be necessary to exempt the financial capital gains which would be reinvested in the PEA PME, with a ceiling”, adds the elected socialist who admits to be in the minority on some of these subjects in his own camp.

Laurent Grandguillaume also spoke out in favor of lifting the ceilings applied to crowdfunding (1,000,000 euros per transaction and 1,000 euros per investor), going back on the taxation of employee savings (tax package) and against the subjugation of dividends to VAT. “The costs of real estate transfers are a brake on mobility and they must therefore be lowered (…)”, further indicated the elected socialist, who also places himself in the field of fiscal stability: “When we do a business plan requires visibility and we have changed the tax rules too much […]. We must therefore stop constantly changing the tax rules. “

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