“A quarrel between two deputies” .. and Berri: Rest, my love…!

A member of the “Development and Liberation” bloc, MP Ali Hassan Khalil, said that “President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, who is entrusted with protecting the constitution, committed a constitutional violation that prevented the organization of by-elections,” saying: “This is a flagrant violation that requires other measures that we are not currently in the process of.”

Khalil’s words came during the legislative session called by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri at the UNESCO Palace today, Thursday, to study draft laws and proposals on the agenda.

In response to Representative Ali Hassan Khalil, a member of the “Strong Lebanon” bloc, MP Cesar Abi Khalil, objected to the attack on the President of the Republic.

Berri added, “After Taif, the interpretation of the constitution is up to the Parliament, and this matter is not up for discussion.”

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