A quick look at the MagSafe transparent case for iPhone 12

MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12 continue to unveil. After a glance at the MagSafe charger and silicone case, we discover the transparent shell thanks to photos from the developer Romain Pellen. A transparent shell which is not completely transparent, because it was necessary to insert magnets for MagSafe compatibility.

There is thus a large white circle for the central magnet, but also a small line below for an additional magnet (the silicone cases do not bring out this trait, but they have good magnet at this location).

Unlike the silicone case, the transparent one does not protect the bottom of the iPhone. The transparent MagSafe shell is now on sale at 55 € (it’s 10 € more than the transparent shell without MagSafe of previous iPhones).


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