A rapid antigen test is not recommended after CoV vaccination – health

From the 22nd day after the first injection against Covid-19 you are considered vaccinated in Austria. From then on, only PCR tests are recommended – for good reason.

Half of all Austrians who can be vaccinated now have one first dose of vaccineagainst the coronavirus received. This means that the country is one step further on the way back to normal life. But closes one Covid-19 vaccination infection with the virus is far from over – it just minimizes the likelihood.

For this reason, people who have been vaccinated still have certain rules and should, in the meantime, pay particular attention to the measures to contain the coronavirus. Above all, a test is due after contact with an infected person.

PCR tests for vaccinated persons only

Here is a PCR-Testrecommended, as a rapid antigen test only works if the virus load is high – and that should no longer be the case with vaccinated people.

If this is positive, there is also an innovation for those with a first vaccination: For them – but also for those who have recovered – only a 48-hour so-called mini-quarantine applies. Then another PCR test is carried out. And otherwise, vaccinated and convalescent people do not have to stay in their own four walls for 14 days after contact with an infected person. They are considered Category 2 contact person and only have to consider two restrictions:

➤ Avoiding unnecessary contacts

➤ The days of one FFP2-Maskwhen they meet other people

These restrictions apply for 14 days, but on the tenth day vaccinated and convalescent people can also get rid of them using a PCR test.

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