A rapidly growing company is being built in Nemenčina: it plans to create up to 70 well-paid jobs | Business

The company is planning to employ engineer-designers, engineer-estimators, certified construction managers, project managers, production specialists and workers.

By locating in Nemenčinė, Glassbee is expanding its activities. From now on, production of plastic products will remain in Alytus, while prefabricated and elemental aluminum facades, windows and doors will be produced in Nemenčinė.

Personal archive photo/Andrius Urbonas

The best indicator of successful activity is the publicly available data of “Sodra”, according to which “Glassbee” was one of the fastest raising wages in Alytus last year.

Average salary at Glassbee in 2022 and 2023 months of November, increased by more than 500 euros (approximately 30%). And it reached almost 2,500 euros (before taxes).

As Glassbee director Andrius Urbonas says, none other than the employees are the result of the success of the company’s growth. Therefore, the company’s policy will not change in the future – efforts will be made to create the best conditions for employees.

According to A.Urbon, as before, the company will not only work hard to create added value for customers and increase work efficiency, but will also invest a lot in the development and well-being of employees.

“We adhere to the approach that no one can stand still in the company. We aim not only to improve our services to our customers, but also to advance the career ladder of every specialist working here, who, as we like to say, is like a screw, if it falls out, the whole mechanism cannot function.

The most important thing is that we do everything not with words, but with actions. For example, the average monthly wage in the country’s farm in 2023. in the third quarter amounted to approximately 2,000 euros. Therefore, the average salary of our company was approximately 500 euros higher than the national average”, – the head of Glassbee shares his thoughts.

In order to increase work efficiency and comfort for its employees, the Glassbee company has recently invested a lot in work equipment. New welding lines and automatic milling machines were purchased, which help to work faster, with better quality and for employees to perform their work more efficiently.

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