A rapper jailed after a video

Imprisoned for a racketeering affair, the American rapper Casanova was recently sanctioned after a video. Indeed, the 34-year-old artist faces disciplinary sanctions after accepting a challenge during a video visit to prison. It’s about « Junebug Challenge », a challenge to do on the social network TikTok where participants have to dance in strange areas.

Video recording prohibited

While the rapper was in the prison of Westchester at New York, a woman filmed him dancing. But, the situation was not funny for the officials of the penitentiary center, who punished him. Joseph Spano, County Corrections Commissioner Westchester, told the American media TMZ that all the privileges that had Casanova, are now deleted. This is justified by the fact that taking photos and recording videos is prohibited during prison visits.

“It appears to be a harmless offense under the circumstances”

The rapper also faces further disciplinary action for not wearing a mask during said video visit. Contacted about this case by the media that gave the information, the lawyer of Casanova, James Kousouros said : “I am not aware of the specific allegations however, it appears to be a harmless offense under the circumstances. These guys are in prison, with no visits or meaningful contact with loved ones. It is unbelievably difficult to keep the spirit and the faith in such circumstances ”.

As a reminder, Casanova is in jail for his involvement in a racketeering affair with a gang. He has pleaded not guilty to this case.

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