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A rare video of Samir Ghanem with a palm reader predicting the stardom of his daughters and the illness of George Sidhom

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a rare video clip of the late artists Samir Ghanem and George Sidhom, during their hosting on a television program with a palm reader named Mohamed Fathi, where the reader predicted the disease of the artist George Sidhom, who later kept him out of the spotlight, as the star Samir Ghanem told, that there is A surprise will happen to him and that two of his offspring will be of great importance.

In the interview, the palmist demanded the artist, George Sidhom, not to sleep in a state of sadness because he may be exposed to a disease based on a psychological and nervous state, and if he suppressed his anger inside him, he would fall ill, and George subsequently suffered a stroke as a result of his poor psychological condition after his brother sold his property under a general power of attorney and fled outside.

Samir Ghanem with a palm reader

And when the palm reader looked at the palm of the artist Samir Ghanem, he said to him, “You are a man who has a tremendous ability to predict what happens, whether good or evil, and four pleasant surprises will come true in your life that you did not dream about now and do not exist in your mind at the moment,” and Samir Ghanem expressed his happiness to be followed by a reader Stop saying: “As you walk on the road, keep your mind irritated and two of your offspring will have a very big future, and you will rejoice over them.”

George their master with a palm reader
George their master with a palm reader

The great artist, Samir Ghanem, passed away, Thursday, May 20, at the age of 84, after suffering a health problem during the past days, as he suffered from a defect in kidney functions, and was subsequently transferred to the intensive care room in one of the Mohandessin hospitals and continued for more than two weeks, and it deteriorated His health condition in the past few days until he breathed his last there.

Samir Ghanem was born on January 15, 1937, and graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, then met with George Sidhom and the guest Ahmed, and together they formed the famous “Adwaa Al-theater Trio”, a comedy singing group that shined on the stage by presenting a group of comedy sketches, the most famous of which was “” The Malaika Cooking” and “Romeo and Juliet”, then the three presented a number of successful films and plays.

The band dissolved after the death of the guest Ahmed in 1970, and he went with George Sidhom to act together in several plays, the most famous of which was the play “The Married Ones.” The last theatrical work for them together was the play “Welcome, Doctor.” In the eighties, Samir Ghanem starred in the sky of the Fawazeer, He presented a series of Ramadan Fawazeer under the names of the characters “Samoura” and “Fatouta”, and then returned in Ramadan in the early nineties to present the Fawazeer of singers and laughers.


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