“A real hell”, “a liberation”, “a micmac” … Women tell their menopause

A biological phenomenon occurring on average between 45 and 55 years old, menopause – marked by the end of ovulation and the disappearance of periods – varies enormously from one woman to another. Sometimes experienced as suffering, sometimes as a rebirth, often taboo, it takes center stage on October 18, with World Menopause Day. Several readers of World responded to a call for testimonials and recount the arrival of their menopause.

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“Certainty of no longer being able to have children”

Claire V., 58, mathematician, Paris

“I had a terrible image of menopause, linked to my mother’s behavior at that time in her life. An image, moreover, corroborated by the attitude of my mother-in-law, who has become depressed and surly. I was therefore apprehensive. When my turn arrived, oddly enough, the main thing I suffered from was the certainty that I could no longer have children.

“My mood was much more stable after menopause”

I never told anyone, of course… It was ridiculous and irrational: I had five children and my last was almost 20 years old when I went through menopause! As for my mood, it was much more stable after menopause because I no longer suffered from PMS. Otherwise, I was a little hot at night, for two or three years, but not enough to make a big deal out of it! “

“I didn’t dare to complain”

Christine B., 49, tenant advisor, Ile-de-France

“I didn’t particularly dread this predictable period of my life. But when the first symptoms appeared, I lived through hell … in the literal sense of the word: for me, menopause was an inner heat wave. I would wake up sweating eight to ten times a night from the hot flashes. I was exhausted but I didn’t dare to complain because, in the collective unconscious, it remains a natural phenomenon. You just have to wait for it to pass.

“I begged my gynecologist to prescribe me hormones”

After having drooled over it for thirty years due to painful and bleeding periods, I thought the time had come for a respite. Nay! At first, I didn’t want to take hormone replacement therapy. But the extent of my illness was such that I begged my gynecologist to prescribe this miracle remedy. Because yes, it is a miracle to have found my comfort before, without this body which ignites all the time. “

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