A real solidarity lease launched to allow the less well-off households to buy in the city

Illustration of the town of Villeurbanne. – C. Girardon / 20 Minutes

After Lille, Rennes or Paris, the Métropole de Lyon presented Thursday its first housing marketed under real solidarity lease (BRS), half the price of the market to allow the middle class to access property.

This program of eight housing units, out of 17 built by the developer Nexity, is due for delivery in the second quarter of 2023 in the town of Villeurbanne, bordering Lyon. They were sold at a price of 2,775 euros per square meter, against 5,000 to 6,000 euros on the market. The buyers will own the building but will lease the land from the OFS, which has acquired the responsibility from Nexity. The fee paid by households will be 1.5 euros per square meter and per month.

The BRS device, carried by Foncière solidaire du Grand Lyon, “allows residents to become owners when they could not at market price”, underlined the EELV president of the Metropolis, Bruno Bernard, in the middle of ‘an orchard where the program of houses and small one-story buildings is to be built, in a residential street.

Open to households whose income does not exceed 59,000 euros

The system is open to households whose resources do not exceed the social rental-accession loan (PSLA) ceilings, i.e. around 59,000 euros (2019 reference tax income) for a couple with two children in Lyon and Villeurbanne.

The added value on resale being framed within the framework of the device, this also makes it possible to control prices in an agglomeration where they have soared in recent years, as in others, added Bruno Bernard.

The real estate market is “very worrying for the social balance of the city”, “we really have the will to crant it”, abounds Agnès Thouvenot, first assistant in charge of housing and town planning within the town hall PS of Villeurbanne.

The BRS “is an instrument in the fight against real estate speculation”, confirms Véronique Bédague, CEO of the Nexity group for whom the operation is “a first”.

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