A reckless Frenchman is fined 40 euros on the Daugava ice by bicycle – Society and Politics – News

Most recently, the capital’s police officers received a message from an eyewitness that several people had been seen opposite the Big Kristaps on the ice of the Daugava, tens of meters from the shore.

Therefore, for security reasons, the nearest police crews were sent to the scene. Both paramedics and specially trained rescue inspectors.

Arriving at the scene, police noticed a man and called him to get off the ice. Further afield, the employees noticed another more reckless person riding a bicycle on the ice of the Daugava.

The gentleman on the bike responded to the police ‘call to go ashore as soon as possible, and a conversation soon began, which revealed that a beautiful Frenchman had seen the beautiful cityscape from the river side.

As a result, protocols have been drawn up for the offenders caught on this side of the Daugava. A walk on the ice cost 40 euros each. The police crew was also sent to the AB dam, where some of the “ice joy” enjoyers of the day had arrived.

The stewards invite people to think twice – it is best not to take any risks, but if the call for ice is too strong, go to places where the thickness of the ice is sufficient.


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