News A recurring Biden campaign story about the arrest in...

A recurring Biden campaign story about the arrest in South Africa is full of inconsistencies


Former Vice President Joe Biden has a pretty good story to tell – but it may be a little big.

Biden, who runs for president, has spiced up his recent campaign speeches with a story about how he was arrested when he tried to see Nelson Mandela in South Africa. The New York Times Reports. However, this memory of events has only recently come to light and has been reportedly omitted from Biden’s 2007 memoirs, which described his escapades in the country at that time.

During the recent campaign speeches, Biden said that he “had the great honor” of meeting Mandela and “being arrested on the streets of Soweto with our United States Ambassador.” How Miami Herald Reporter Alex Daugherty points out that Soweto is a short distance from Robben Island, where Mandela’s maximum security prison was located.

The arrest, which apparently has only been publicly raised by Biden in recent weeks, has not been mentioned anywhere, according to readily available news agencies Times,

The U.S. ambassador to the United States from 1977 to 1979 was Andrew Young. While Young allegedly admitted to going to South Africa with Biden, he said he had never been arrested in the country, and he told the story Times he also did not believe that Biden had been arrested there.

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World News :

“I don’t think there has ever been a situation where Congressmen were arrested in South Africa,” said Young Times, although he said that some people were arrested in Washington.

The story, which apparently did not exist a few weeks ago, was told three times on the trail when Biden travels to Nevada and South Carolina, where he has to attract a large number to counteract a lackluster appearance in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Tip: There are other ways to tough yourself up for voters without sending a trip to the slammer.

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