A red card was shown in his face.. An Argentine footballer was arrested for hitting the referee

Argentine police have arrested a football player who hit a match referee with his fist in the back of the head during a match between two local teams in a regional league being held in the capital, Buenos Aires, according to the network.CNN” Tuesday.

The wise, Dalma Magali Cortadi, had charged a mistake against one of the two players, Christian Tyron, and showed him the red card, which angered the latter, thinking that he had been wronged, which led him to assault her and hit her before she fell to the ground.

According to a video clip, some members of the team supervising the match had intervened to keep Theron away from Ms. Cortadi to prevent her from being further harmed, before the police intervened and removed him from the stadium.

Al-Hikma was also transferred to a nearby hospital to ensure her safety and not to be seriously injured, and after checking on her health condition, Cortadi went to the police station to register a complaint against the offending player.

CNN has tried to communicate with the player through the police, but has not succeeded so far, while a source said that Tyron is being held in the police station of the neighborhood where the stadium is located, where the attack took place, and that he is expected to be presented to the Public Prosecution soon, to determine what If any charges will be brought against him.

For its part, the Argentine Football Association denounced the actions of player Christian Teron towards referee Dalma Cortadi, describing the latter as a victim of physical violence during the second half of the second half of the match.

The federation stressed that it will never tolerate such incidents and that it will follow the course and developments of the case, and that the player will be presented to a disciplinary board to impose material penalties on him, explaining that such “abnormal incidents must not be repeated.”

The statement added: “The Argentine Football Association expresses its solidarity with Ms. Dalma Magali Cortadi and offers her the most sincere and sincere apologies.”

He stressed that his doors will remain open for it to provide any support for it, and that it is “committed to continue working to eliminate violence in all its forms and spread the values ​​of discipline, respect and tolerance.”

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