a remake of the 1st opus on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Rockstar Games has made a bold bet with Red Dead Redemtpion. A game that received a rave reception from the public. Could the game be entitled to its remake on the new Xbox Series X as well as Sony‘s PS5? We tell you more.

Sure Reddit, a curious message casts doubt. While next-gen consoles have entered the market, titles are legion. In addition to newcomers, we can also expect remasterings and remakes of some games. Red Dead Redemption could too not to escape the rule and have the right to its reboot, who knows. At least that’s what an internet user says, posting a curious screenshot. “Red Dead Redemtpion : The Outlaws Collection leaked to Amazon, including an improved version of RDR2 and a remake [du premier] RDR “. Info or intox ?

Red Dead Redemption: will the first opus afford a next-gen remake? Reddit

Will Red Dead Redemption really afford a next-gen reboot?

These curious images therefore reveal the covers on 3 consoles: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X. No wonder, knowing that Sony‘s last two PlayStation will coexist for a while yet. Can we ensure the veracity of these so-called leaks? Another surfer on Reddit recalls that it is very easy to photoshop the Amazon site. However, elsewhere on the web, the rumor was quickly denied. “This is not true”, we read in a thread on Twitter. It’s a shame, because the product sheet looked promising.

Presence of visual and technical improvements, including ray tracing and improved load times for next-gen consoles. Immerse yourself in this faithful and extended remake of Red Dead Redemption inspired by the iconic 2010 release. Includes new and familiar missions and faces.

The latter also details certain errors in the editing. Another small inconsistency that confirms this rumor: the details of the Amazon product sheet. The delivery adress correspond a priori au World Trader Center, which may seem odd. It is therefore not an average Amazon customer, stumbled upon this sheet by the greatest of luck. Especially since no URL seems to confirm these screens from a reliable source. It would be rather better attendre Red Dead Redemption 3

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