A remake of the legendary game Dead Space was half developed by fans. reedus

Dead Space fans are looking forward to January 2023 when the remake of their favorite game is due out. To please their fans, the developers shared that they were creating a remake with the most ardent fans of this franchise, who followed the entire process of recreating the game and advised what needs to be done.

Fans have worked closely with EA staff to ensure Isaac Clarke’s story is true to the source material. According to the remake’s creative director, the development team met regularly with Dead Space fans, allowing them to see the game in progress and contribute to recreating it.

The developers met with fans about every six weeks and gave them full access to what they were doing: “There were a number of controversial topics that we wanted to check, so we collected feedback from these groups to make an informed decision,” adds senior producer Philippe Ducharme.

In addition, the team collected feedback during live streams and read user comments on their Twitch channel in order to have the most complete picture of how people want to see the final game.

In addition to working with fans, EA also decided to make the Dead Space remake a single “sequential frame”, ensuring that there are no loading screens in the game from start to finish. DuCharme says the new version of the horror legend offers a “completely unique and uninterrupted experience.” Therefore, you can explore the entire ship and revisit places you have already passed to find something new.

The highly anticipated Dead Space remake is set to release on January 27, 2023.

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