a reserve to protect the giraffes

In East Africa, giraffes are so much a part of the landscape that they might be thought to be eternal. However, they are becoming more and more rare, with less and less space to live, hunted by more and more men. They are also victims of poaching. In thirty years, the number of giraffes has decreased by 40%. They are care considered today as a vulnerable species. The Loisaba Reserve, Kenya, is home to the so-called reticulated giraffe, a species that has lost two-thirds of its population since 1995.

“We are witnessing what is called a silent extinction. People are hunting giraffes for meat […], a giraffe can feed a large village for several days “, explains Symon Masiaine, coordinator of the Twiga Walinzi project. he leads an unprecedented study on these animals to identify them, follow their movements, in order to better protect them. “There are very few studies on giraffes, because people look at them and think they are okay, which is not true”, he laments.

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